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We contract to lead of buying and selling 

We actual an behaving contractor and commissioner were stake out long way engagement of exploring which is manufacturing the niche and rare-to-find product. We are so observer on marketing products to which is validate the throughout the production based environment to stitching and quick and accurate assessment how to value and ratify the future marketing the profitability. For the solution we can cope and strategic out the best marketing theorem flicking the best influential allocations for start out, distributing, contracting in based of good experience for referring how to planning most forensic and effective marketing strategy throughout in gain of best advantage for stirring on the targeting best profitability.  

We can operate and buying products are stand out bellows criteria: 

         1. We only focus on rare-to-find and unique manufacturing product, due to we are not common product dealers and distributors. 

       2. For your product will stage out our own authentic testing or might an repricing to participating the market. 

       3. We are exclusive on marketing allocations for agent finding and derivate the sales direction for advice management.

       4. For commissioner shall take in course of considering of 3%-5% in profit margin. For this portions shall revised upon for marketing momentum weighting change; sales up; inevitable enforcement condition.

       5. For invisible assessment property we also buying themselves are : 1. Patent; software; database; ideas 

We alas can operate and selling products are stand out bellows criteria:

        1. We can behaving our vendor direction to target sourcing, excepted of common product sourcing. 

       2. Before start out our sourcing, we need to have our signet on private agreement of NCND. 

       3. When it closed up the contract and sourcing completed, we are reassuring on top scale up the state confidential deal as keen to buyer and seller. 

       4. We are closeup on payable as 7%-10% of contract deal amount for the commissioner.

       5. We also integrate on relation closeup the government relation, if relatively concerning with any procurement with government buying or selling ,for commissioner payable shall go proper considering on average lift.