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Social Media Diligence


Social media is the new normal.

Is it a missing piece in your due diligence puzzle? 

Growing numbers of clients across a spectrum of industries are embracing the value that comes from having a thorough understanding of the social media footprint of due diligence subjects. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2017 an estimated 81 percent of the U.S. population had a social media profile — a five percent increase over just one year prior. Many firms are busy developing or implementing internal policies to manage the risk of sensitive material becoming public through social media, but scrutinizing the habits, tone, content, and online reputation of potential partners, vendors, employees, or other third parties can fall by the wayside. This is a blind spot that breeds potentially avoidable, and costly, risk.  

This is where Intprol Social√ comes in. We fill this gap by painting a comprehensive picture with social media diligence curated by our experienced research team. Intprol Social√ helps organizations align with best practices that embrace the value of integrated, full-spectrum diligence profiles to inform investment, hiring, and other consequential business decisions. Our social media intelligence solution blends the power of technology and experienced human insight to give clients confidence in the integrity and completeness of the due diligence foundation underpinning crucial decision-making.         


CORE: Identify and Analyze Social Media Presence

Identify presence on key platforms

Evaluate and analyze public activity online — blogs, wikis, forums, chat rooms, and more

Identify meaningful social media associations

Scrutinize online reputation among peers, associates, and critics

OPTIONAL: Diligence on Unindexed Web Presence + Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring

Deep web

Dark web

Why IntegrityRisk for Due Diligence?


Because our extensive resource network of subject matter experts, covering six continents, offers a wide range of backgrounds and investigative skills. Our international reach allows us to handle client engagements of any scope in just about any location.



Because our team of research analysts hail from a variety of backgrounds and can handle all scopes of due diligence work, from low-level matters to complex assignments, located anywhere in the world.  Research team members include former senior analysts with the CIA, FBI and U.S. Treasury, as well as analysts with local, regional or in-country experience and multiple foreign-language research capabilities.  



Because we maintain a network of 250+ risk, investigative and security professionals located in every major country. This network has been cultivated since the early1990s and includes individuals from every walk of life, putting us in a position to help clients find hard-to-acquire information, often times in difficult markets where little to no public records exist.


Because IntegrityRisk maintains a strict compliance program demanding best practices and proper behavior by its network partners.