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Wealth Intelligence

 Looking for trusted wealth intelligence?  

Put the reach of our global network, the power of our smart technology, and the skills of our experienced researchers to work for your high net worth (HNW) and ultra-high net worth (UHNW) diligence needs.


Assembling accurate, holistic and actionable insight into HNW subjects may pose special challenges, but providing crucial facts based on professional research and analysis are all in a day's work at Intprol. 

Our checks can cover the full spectrum of research to create as exhaustive of a view of a subject’s source of wealth background as you wish — from a basic scope that verifies ID information and checks global sanctions lists, to conducting focused media research to identify negative news and wealth-related references, all the way to a complete review of public records and local source inquiries into wealth indicators and overall reputation.

We understand that, no matter the scope of work, the fundamental focus should be identifying subjects and their overall holdings / assets, to include inheritances, properties, shareholdings, salary proceeds, bonuses, investments, dividends and stock transactions, among others. Our reports can also incorporate scrutiny of a subject's professional history, to include research specifically into past and current business affiliations and partners. 


CORE: Verification and/or Identification of Background Details

ID number

Address history — including property records analysis whenever possible

Focused media research — negative news and wealth-related references

PEP status

Sanctions / watch list presence

Social profile

Sector risk assessment

OPTIONAL: Additional + Reputational Diligence

Litigation research

Regulatory records

Education / employment history

Full media / Internet profile

Additional research into identified assets

Local source commentary

Why IntegrityRisk for Due Diligence?


Because our extensive resource network of subject matter experts, covering six continents, offers a wide range of backgrounds and investigative skills. Our international reach allows us to handle client engagements of any scope in just about any location.



Because our team of research analysts hail from a variety of backgrounds and can handle all scopes of due diligence work, from low-level matters to complex assignments, located anywhere in the world.  



Because we maintain a network of 250+ risk, investigative and security professionals located in every major country. This network has been cultivated since the early1990s and includes individuals from every walk of life, putting us in a position to help clients find hard-to-acquire information, often times in difficult markets where little to no public records exist.


Because Intprol maintains a strict compliance program demanding best practices and proper behavior by its network partners.